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The transfer of wort or beer from one vessel to another.
A simple sugar, important in a test to differentiate ale and lager yeast, as only lager yeast can ferment it completely.
A dark German lager beer made from smoked malts.
A German law the title of which signifies "pledge of purity" or "order of purity." This purity law governs the production and quality of beer in Germany. Enacted in 1516 that only water, malted barley, malted wheat and hops could be used to make beer. Yeast was not mentioned but taken for granted. This law is still effective today in Germany and was adopted by some neighboring countries. The German beer law prohibits the use of adjuncts, including sugar.
Any of numerous clear to translucent yellow or brown, solid or semisolid, viscous substances of plant origin, such as lupulin in the hop flower.
Holding the mash at a specific temperature to induce certain enzymatic reactions.
Recirculating Infusion Mash System. A temperature-controlled mash procedure that employs multiple temperature rests and constant circulation of the mash liquor. With this mashing method the temperature of the mash is changed by applying heat to the mash tun to produce the desired temperature increase. Typical steps are acid rest, protein rest, saccharification rest and mash out. Another variant is the HERMS.
Term used to describe a "rocky" like texture of kraeusen, especially during primary fermentation.
roller mill
Roller grain mills contain one or more rotating rollers to crush the grain while leaving the husk largely intact. The motion of the rollers draws grain into the crushing mechanism.
The small immature root structures that appear during germination. These structures are removed during the malting processing.
Spoilage condition causing beer to be slimy, viscous, gelatinous blobs, or "rope. Certain bacteria produce gums, which cause this condition.
Creating turbulence by agitation, stirring or mixing.
ruh beer
The nearly fermented beer, ready for lagering. Cold secondary fermentation.
The liquid that is separated from the spent grains during lautering or sparging. Also called runnings, wort, sweet wort or sweet liquor.

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