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A type of hexose sugar occurring in small quantities in beer, fermented very slowly by yeast.
Used in beermaking as a fining agent. See Fining.
A process during which starch molecules break apart as a result of heating. The gelatinized starch is in a colloidal state, making it soluble in water and accessible for enzymatic conversion into sugars.
The embryo of a cereal grain.
Characterized by acrospire and rootlet growth. Germination initiates enzyme development and conversion of barley to malt.
An important protein group present in barley and in beer. It is the prime component in chill haze.
Glucose "loving" usually used in referring an organism that thrives on glucose, such as yeast.
It is a highly fermentable sugar (monosaccharide) also known as dextrose or corn sugar.
grain bag
Bags with an open weave made from cloth or synthetic fabrics used to contain grains during mashing sparging or steeping.
grain bed
The grain bed is formed by the collection of grist particles and grain husks on top of the false bottom of the lauter/mash tun. Once established the grain bed allows for the separation of the clear wort from the spent grains during sparging.
grain bill
The list of grains and their amounts used for a particular recipe.
grain mill
A device used to crush grain into small pieces and to separate the grain from the husk. Grain mills use hammers and rotating plates or rollers to crack or grind the grain while leaving the husk largely intact.
Grand Wazoo
  1. head honcho
  2. slang for big anus
Specific gravity. Density of a solution as compared to water; expressed in grams per milliliter. One milliliter of water weighs one gram. S.G.=1.000.
A term often used synonymously with "crush".
The entire quantity of grain used in the mash.
  1. Ground degermed corn or rice used in brewing.
  2. Processed grain that has undergone husk, bran and germ removal. Grits are generally ungelatinized.
A container (as a jug or pitcher) for beer bought by the measure.
A medieval herb mixture used in beer.
A Belgian ale, uniquely fermented with wild yeasts. Final product is made by blending old and young beers.
The wort before the yeast is pitched.
Calcium sulphate (CaSO4). Very common in water. Often used as a water additive to correct water chemistry or duplicate the water of a particular region. It also can be used to acidify the mash and inhibit the deactivation of alpha-amylase by high temperatures.

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