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International Bittering Unit. The accepted method of expressing hop bitterness in beer. PPM of dissolved iso-alpha acids present in beer. Use the Hop Schedule Calculator to determine your IBUs.
Mash technique of the simplest type used to make all kinds of English ales and stouts. Features a single temperature rest, rather than a series of gradually increasing steps common in other mashing styles.
infusion mash
A single-step single-temperature method employed to mash highly modified malt. During an infusion mash the temperature of the mash is maintained between 150 and 158 °F 1(66 and 70 °C) for one half to one hour for the saccharification rest. This mash technique of the simplest type used to make ales and stouts.
The introduction of a microbe into surroundings capable of supporting its growth. See pitching.
iodine test
A procedure used to determine whether starch conversion has been completed. An iodine solution turns dark blue or black in the presence of unconverted starch. Total saccharification causes no change in the color of the iodine.
An electrically charged component of a molecule, which may be one atom, or a combination of atoms. When calcium sulphate, CaSO4, is dissolved in water, it breaks into the ions Ca++, and S04.
irish moss
A marine algae, Chrondus crispus, that is used during wort boiling to enhance the hot break. Also known as carrageen.
A type of gelatin obtained from the swim bladder of certain types of fish (usually sturgeon), used as a fining agent in ales.
Organic compounds of identical composition and molecular weight, but having a different molecular structure.
The structural chemical change that takes place in hop bittering resin (alpha-acids) which allows them to become soluble in wort during boiling.

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