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2017 Foam Ranger Calendar
January 8 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Gingerman, Rice Village
January 14 Brew-in (J9 Weber and Friends) DeFalco's
January 20 Club meeting (Stout & Porter) DeFalco's
February 5 First Sunday Officer Meeting and Pub Visit Sigma Brewing (3118 Harrisburg Blvd)
February 11 Brew-in DeFalco's
February 17 Club meeting (Barleywine & Holiday Brews DeFalco's
March 5 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Karbach Brewing Co. (2032 Karbach St.)
March 11 Brew-in DeFalco's
March 17 Club meeting (Belgians & Fruit Beers) DeFalco's
March 24 - 25 Bluebonnet Brew-Off Irving, TX
April 2 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Brash Brewing (512 Crosstimbers)
April 8 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's
April 21 Club meeting (Brown, Old & Scotch Ales) DeFalco's
May 6 Big Brew for National Homebrew Day TBD
May 7 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Eureka Heighs Brewing Co (935 W. 18th St)
May 13 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's
May 19 Club meeting (Bock, Dk. Lager) DeFalco's
June 4 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Holler Brewing Co (2206 Edwards St)
June 10 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's
June 16 Club meeting (Wheat, Cider, Mead) DeFalco's
July 2 or 9 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Saloon Door Brewing (105 Magellan Circle, Webster)
July 8 Brew-in DeFalco's
July 21 Club meeting (Pilsners & Kölsch) De Falco's
Mead Day De Falco's
August 6 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Platypus Brewing
1902 Washington Ave.
August 12 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's
August 18 Club meeting (Pale, Bitter, Steam) DeFalco's
September 1 Dixie Cup Registration Opens
September 3 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Town In City Brewing
1125 W Cavalcade St.
September 9 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's
September 15 Club meeting (O-Fest & Smoked) DeFalco's
September 23 Dixie Cup Early Registration Deadline
September 30 Dixie Cup Final Registration Deadline
October Judging 2000 Lyons Ave
October 8 First Sunday & Officer Meeting Saint Arnold Brewing Co
October 26-28 Dixie Cup Crowne Plaza NW
October 27-28 Dixie Cup Awards Events Crowne Plaza NW
November 4 Learn to Homebrew day De Falco's
November 5 First Sunday & Officer Meeting City Acre
3418 Topping St.
November 11 Brew-In DeFalco's
November 17 Club meeting & Elections (I.P.A. & Amber) DeFalco's
December 3 Homebrewers' Holiday Party Eurika Heights Brew Co.
Noon - 5
941 W. 18th Street
December 9 Brew-in (TBD) DeFalco's

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Each monthly meeting begins by sharing our homebrew. Bring your homebrew to get honest evaluation and feedback. Starting at 8 p.m. we serve commercial examples of the
Style of the Month.
Join us!
January Porters & Stouts
February Barley Wines & Holiday Brews
March Belgium & Fruit Beers
April Brown, Old & Scotch Ales
May Bocks
June Wheat Beers
July Pilsners & Kölsch
August Pale Ales & Bitters
September Oktoberfest
October Dixie Cup Beers
November Amber Ales & IPAs
December Homebrewers Christmas Party

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