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Hops are used for two main functions, bittering and finishing. Bittering imparts the bitterness to the beer balancing the sweetness of the malt. Finishing adds the aroma and spicy flavor to nose of the brew. Below are only suggestions for what type of use a particular hop variety may be used for. But there are no rules. All hops can be used as dual purpose. It all depends on your taste. Commonly hops are added to the beginning of the boil to convert the alpha acids for bittering and at the end of the boil to release the aroma compounds for finishing. One should experiment. Complex hops schedules produce very nice flavors and aroma due the blends and ranges of alpha acids and finishing compounds. You can easily modify and adapt your hop schedule with the Hop Schedule Calculator.

updated 4-13-06 

Bittering Hops
Admiral11-15%Newer high alpha. Replacement for Target.fair
Chinook11-14%Good quality earthy aroma. Golding ancestry.fair
Columbus14-16%A potent, high alpha bittering hop with intense aromatic qualities. fair
Eroica9-12% Very pungent English flavor. Brewers Gold ancestry.poor
Galena11-14%Pungent English flavor. A selection from seedlings of Brewer's Gold with 50% higher alpha acid content. fair
Green Bullet9-11%High-alpha acid variety from New Zealand.?
Herald11-13%New high-alpha acid dwarf.very good
Horizon11-14%High-alpha acid. Floral and spicy.fair to good
Magnum13-15%High-alpha acid variety with German taste characteristics.very good
Millennium13-16%Aroma Mild, Herbal, similar to Nugget. Very new hop. Primarily used for alpha potential. Possible Substitutions Nugget and Columbus.poor
Newport13–17%Viewed as a high-bittering alpha hop. Possible Substitutions Galena, Nugget, Fuggle, Magnum, Brewer’s Gold. Released 2002.poor to fair
Northdown7-10% Mellow English higher alpha-acid hopfair
Nugget11-14% High-alpha acid with a delicate, pleasant aroma.good
Olympic11-13%Moderate aroma. Similar to Chinook.?
Sticklbract9-11%Coarse, high-alpha acid variety from New Zealand.?
Target10-12% Neutral high-alpha. Used for hopped malt extract.very poor
Taurus12-15% Ultra high-alpha acid with German characteristics.poor
Worrior15-17% Ultra high-alpha acid with good aroma characteristics.good

Finishing Hops

Ahtanum4-6%Good for lagers, american ales, Floral. citrus, sharp and piney. fair to good
Backa<3%Old Yugoslavian hop. Low yields. ?
Banner9-11%Similar to Aquila and Cluster with good yield.?
Crystal3-4%Bred to replace imported noble hops. Has a Hallertauer character with a nice, floral aroma and flavor.very poor
Elsasser<2% An old French hop with low yields.?
Golding4-6% Mild, pleasant flavor. U.S. grown version of the English classic. good
Hallertauer3-6% Traditional German hop from Hallertau region. Pleasant herbal character with an excellent bittering and flavoring profile.excellent
4-5% German variety of noble-type. Being replaced by newer varieties.poor
Hersbrucker2-5% Drier, spicier than Hallertauer. Most important aroma variety in Germany.good
Kent Golding4-7% Flowery aroma has characterized some of the best English bitters.very poor
Liberty3-6% Somewhat floral and fruity. Similar to Mt. Hood. Triploid cross of Hallertauer Mittlefrüher only with no farnesene in oil.poor
Lubelski3-5% Refined spicy flavor. Polish hop with Saaz ancestry.very poor
Mt. Hood3-5% Hallertauer hybrid. Aroma is mild and clean with Hersbrucker similarities.very poor
Northwest Golding4-5% Known for its aromatic properties.fair
Polish Lublin3-5%Great for pilsners. Mild and typical noble aroma. Spicy, herbal.very poor
Saaz3-5% A pleasant flavor and perfumey aroma, well suited for use in your finest Pilsners & Lagers.very poor
Shinsu Wase4-6% Spicy, refined character. Saaz/American ancestry.poor
Spalt3-6% Traditional German noble hop.good
Spalt Select3-6% Hallertauer like aroma. Replacement for traditional Spalter.good
Strisselspalt3-4% French variety related to Hallertauer.fair
Styrian Golding4-6% A nice bittering hop with slightly spicy flavor and aroma characteristics. Genetically the same or little different from Fuggle.fair
Tettnanger3-5% Spicier that Hallertauer. Its rich flavor and flowery nose make it a versatile and favorite lager hop.fair
Tradition5-7%German, very fine and similar to Hallertauer Mittelfrüher.fair
Ultra2-3% Newer domestic aroma variety with Saaz characteristics.fair
Vanguard4-6%Aroma similar to other european types.fair

Dual Purpose Hops

Amarillo8-9%Citrusy and floweryfair
Aquila6-8%Similar to Cluster. Not widely used.?
Boor7-9%New Czech type. Northern Brewer/Saaz ancestry.?
Bramling Cross5-8%Variety Bramling crossed with a male seedling from a Manitoba female. Blackcurrant, lemony aroma.fair
Brewer's Gold6-9%Sibling of and similar to Bullion only maturing earlier and more disease resistant. English/wild Canadian cross. Pungent English character.very poor
Bullion6-9%Old English variety, similar to Brewer's Gold.?
Cascade4-6%Probably the most popular hop. Fuggle and Russian hop (Serebrianker) cross. An hop with a distinct, spicy, floral nose and citrusy flavor.very poor
Centennial9-11%Strong, rich, fragrant, spicy Cascade-like aroma, as well as for bittering, medium to high bittering.good
Challenger6-9%One of the few recognized dual-purpose hops combining moderate amounts of alpha acids with a good kettle hop aroma.good
Cluster6-8%Oldest U.S. variety and once dominant. A certain sharpness.very good
Cluster (Yakima)6-9%Versatile bittering hop.fair
Columbia5-6%Sibling of Willamette, triploid with a Fuggle parent. Often substituted for Fuggle.?
Glacier5-6%An excellent new variety with balanced bittering properties combined with a good aroma profile. Willamette, US Fuggle, US Tettnang, Styrian Golding.good
Eastwell Golding5-7% Closely represents other types of English Goldings.?
First Gold6-9% Dwarf hop with fine English Golding character.very good
Fuggle4-5% Pleasant bittering and a slightly fruity flavor & aroma make this one of the worlds most popular and versatile Ale hops. poor
New Zealand Hallertauer8-9% A Hallertau aroma with an ability to retain its clean taste. A triploid Hallertau bred from the German Hallertauer Mittelfrüher.?
Northern Brewer7-9% Contributes a solid bittering and rich hop flavor to Ales and Lagers.good
Orion6-8% Dual use hop from Germany.good
Pacific Gem11-12% A high alpha hop with a pleasant aroma.very good
Perle5-8% Replacement to Hallertauer Mittelfrüher.good
Phoenix8-12% Attractive English aroma with high alpha-acid.excellent
Pioneer8-10%New dwarf variety with clean bitterness and mild English aroma.good
Pride of Ringwood7-10% Rough and spicy English character. Tasmaian wild/English cross.very poor
Progress5-8% Simular to Fuggles but a little sweeter.good
Sanitiam5-8%Foral and slightly spicy.good
Saxon6-7% English hop released to meet the need for a higher alpha-acid hop. No longer grown.?
Simcoe12-14%Good bittering and aroma characters.good
Sladek9-10% New dual purpose Czech hop with some Saaz characteristics.good
Sterling6-9%Herbal, spicy with a hint of floral and citrus tones.good
Talisman7-9%An improved Cluster variety.?
Whitbread Golding Variety
5-8% Traditional English hop with a sweet and fruity aroma.fair
Willamette4-6% Nice bittering with a light, fruity flavor & aroma. An extremely versatile hop. A triploid hybrid of English Fuggle.fair

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